Airline and Ticket Reservations

As a Travel Management Company, we offer you the widest range of fares including special contracts and negotiated contracted fares as well as published fares and those offered by low-cost airlines. By exploring each of these sources we are able to offer the lowest fares available with the greatest degree of flexibility. Our contracts allow us to secure discounted rates for travel to and from the UK, and often, for travelers with more complex itineraries, between points outside of the UK.

Special Fares

3A Travel has access to a range of exclusive charity fares that are designed specifically for organisations undertaking charity, humanitarian and missionary work overseas. We negotiate specific discounted contracts to ensure we can provide the lowest possible fares with the greatest degree of flexibility to our clients. We fully understand that delivering a cost effective travel service is of vital importance to our clients and our negotiated fares ensure that clients can benefit from discounted travel planning even to the most isolated destinations.

Benefits of our negotiated fare

  • Increased baggage allowance from selected airlines

  • Greater degree of flexibility with regards to deadlines and last minute ticket changes

  • Inbound tickets allowing you to bring non-UK based passengers to the UK from overseas

  • Ability to hold tickets provisionally giving you extra valuable time to confirm the travel plans of your passengers

  • Lower cancellation fees

  • No minimum stay


Are You Planning to Travel?

In addition to our negotiated fares, we have access to a full range of published, academic and low-cost airline fares. For further details, please contact our Reservations Team on +2347086704912 or email